What Danne says:

Danne Montague-King

Over the years I have experimented with different cosmetic mediums and bases with the aim of achieving remedial effects for clients who suffered from acne or other skin anomalies. In the early years when I was a clinic owner I would often mix and match multiple cosmetics products and brands with other makeup ingredients in order to achieve a natural effect.

However when it came to recommending a specific makeup brand for my clients, I had nothing to offer them except to suggest water-based cosmetics or products that were low on mineral oils. It is exceedingly difficult to find cosmetic products that aren’t harmful or damaging to the skin or that work against skin revision theory and practice. This line of reasoning prompted me to consider developing my own range of cosmetics. As cosmetics and skin care are often considered to be two different business arenas, I put my cosmetics dream on the back burner for another day. I’m thrilled to announce that day has come.

Drawing on the experience of cosmetic industry great Tommy Parsons, Managing Director for DMK Cosmetics, DMK has now developed their own cosmetic range.  It’s truly amazing what one can achieve when you start with the best people in the industry.

While at my age I should probably be looking down the road to retirement, I am proud to say that I have instead decided to set myself to the task of creating a cosmetics range that is truly of the highest caliber. To be able to say that with conviction gives me the thrill of a lifetime.


Naturelle Series
The Olive Series
The International Series
The Shinto Series
The Ebony Series

The Naturelle Series

The Naturelle Series consist of 5 colors that are completely neutral in the balance of olive and ruddy skin tones. Running fromlight to deep, the Naturelle Series is the perfect match for pale or Caucasian skin types with coral undertones. The recommended HiLite color is PINK HILITE. The recommended LoLite color is LOLITE I.

The Olive Series

The Olive Series consist of 5 colors with neutral yet bubtle olive bases. Specially formulated for southern Europeans and darker Caucasian skin tones, colors range from light to deep olive. The recommended HiLite color is SPECIAL ORANGE HILITE. The recommended LoLite color is LOLITE I.


The International Series

The International Series consist of 5 colors with reddish undertones. Designed for pink to red skin undertones - great for Northern Europeans and that neutral brown skin tone. The recommended HiLite color is SPECIAL ORANGE HILITE.


The Shinto Series

The Shinto Series consist of 5 colors from a soft yellow undertone to a light brown-yellow-olive undertone. Shinto colors are perfectly matched for skin tones from light to dark-yellow. The recommended HiLite Color is SPECIAL YELLOW HILITE. The recommended LoLITE Color is LOLITYE I.

The Ebony Series

The Ebony Series consist of 5 colors that expand on DMKC's Shinto Series. Designed for dark Latin, Black and Indian skin types. Ebony colors range from deep olive to darker "reddish brown" skin tones. The Ebony series is excellent on all dark skin tones and is favored by all dark skin types. The recommended HiLite Color is SPECIAL DARK HIITE. The recommended LoLite color is LOLITE II, Ebony.

Correctors & Neutralizers


For fair or light european skin tones. Yellow Hilite is used with olive, Asian and skin tones requiring accenting with yellow based colors. It's also great for mixing with foundations to lower the color intensity without lowering the base tone of the foundation. Yellow HiLite also removes subtle violet tones while highlighting foundation colors.


Is an all-purpose Hilite used for all Caucasian, and European skin tones. Its warm base will actually highlight and reduce subtle blueness on the skin and highlight at the same time. Orange HiLite will actually lighten foundations containing coral and warmer skin tones.


For light to medium skin tones. Pink HiLite is a warm highlight used for warmer based foundation colors. It's subtle pink undertone reduces subtle browns while highlighting.


Highlights medium dark to deep skin tones with a natural brown color.Great to use to create a custom hilite my mixing with the foundation color. (A great natural lip color)


"Light Cafe" - This beautiful, subtle shade of brown is excellent for contouring areas of the face that need less emphasis. Recommended for fair to medium-light skin tones.


"Expresso" - Used exactly like Lolite I, this dark neutral brown is for darker medium to darkest skin tones.



"Muted Green" - Eliminates unwanted skin tone and excessive redness dur to acne, sunburn, and other red based dermatological skin.


"Subtle Yellow" - Is used for darker skintones which need excessive redness removed or reduced.


A warmer orange-based color used to reduce excessive blueness


Darker orange-based colours to reduce excessive blueness on the skin. Excellent for men)



With a foundation that was literally created outside the box of established and formulated rules as guided by the chemists of today; Danné worked on formulating a primer that had to be as outside the box as the foundations were. It had to be. The last thing our highly pigmented, and advanced oil free formula needed was an oily, greasy, or oily-silicone based primer used by most everyone today. We also wanted to create a primer that did something more than just make your face feel smooth. Silicone by itself will do that smooth part, but we had to do something additional and special.

Crème Glace is made up of 3 high quality medical grade silicones, zinc oxide, pomegranate extract, and several other raw components. The silicone acts as a barrier. Like no other silicone-based primer, our silicone-based primer does a lot more. Our silicon is an extreme high quality of grade of medical silicones used for external and internal situations in the medical industry.

We add Zinc Oxide to the formula. This actually prepares the canvas by evening out skin tones, and placing a sheer, opaque layer on the skin. Your face actually looks healthy and refreshed to everyone. Zinc oxide has long been used because of its healing properties, but in the DMKC Crème Glace formula you only need a sheer layer in order to get the converge and professional makeup look you like. A sheer layer will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out some skin tones, and allow the DMK Premier Foundations to glide on to the face with ease. So, Crème Glace is not just a clear formula, but a primer and opacifier that works in conjunction with not only DMKC foundations, but with any cream foundation.

Containing NO TALC, DMKC HD Loose Setting Powder is some of the finest milled powder available.  Comes in Perfecty Clear and Translucent tones.

HD Loose Setting Powders

Loose Setting Powders
Loose Powder DK Translucent
Loose Powder LT Translucent
Loose Powder HD Clear

Loose Powder Lt Translucent

Loose Powder HD Clear

Loose Powder Dk Translucent